Making Big Money in Micro Cap Stocks

It’s every investor’s dream…to find a stock that doesn’t just double, or triple in value… but goes up 10, 25, 50 or even 100 times. The best place to find that dream is in tiny, under-followed micro cap companies that still have virtually all of their growth ahead of them. Many, but not all, also have very low-priced shares, making them attractive for taking small bets with your speculative funds.Some of these big payoff dreams come true, and some can go up in smoke, and you can be left with a pile of losses when venturing into the risky territory of micro caps.

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Why I Invest In Microcaps

A lot of investors avoid microcaps. They're hard to trade, their prices are volatile, slippage and market impact present major headaches, and there's just not enough information out there about them to enable investors to easily judge their worth.

I love microcaps. Here are the seven reasons why.

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