What sports betting ruling means for gamblers

Monday's ruling by the Supreme Court to legalize sports betting is a big win for gamblers across the country.
With states such as New Jersey potentially open to take bets in time for the NBA Finals at the end of the month, here is what the ruling could mean.

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The online gambling and betting momentum

Supreme Court allows states to legalize sports betting, opening floodgates for online gambling profits
Sports and Gambling Concept. Basketball with American dollars.
Whoever had the over on DraftKings‘ boss Jason Robins and FanDuel chief executive Matt King being given a potential billion-dollar windfall by the Supreme Court’s decision to allows sports betting should head to the cashier’s cage.

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The growth of the online gambling industry

The online gambling industry is one that has been on the charge for a number of years and it’s still growing rapidly today. It’s been quite a meteoric rise since it came into existence after the invention of the internet literally transformed gambling as a whole. Prior to the days of the World Wide Web, gamblers had to visit land based casinos and licensed betting shops in order to gamble. Nowadays, they can do it from the comfort of their own home, and this by and large the main reason for its continued growth.

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Supreme Court strikes down ban on sports betting in victory for New Jersey

New Jersey won a landmark ruling from the Supreme Court Monday that could lead many states to legalize betting on college and professional sports.

The justices ruled 7-2 that a 25-year-old federal law that has effectively prohibited sports betting outside Nevada by forcing states to keep prohibitions on the books is unconstitutional. The ruling could set the stage for other states to expand legalized gambling as a source of government revenue.
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