Customized marketing solutions for nano-cap through micro-cap companies.

Entrepreneurial success is determined by an idea's execution, not by its innovativeness. Today, most small companies will fail despite their resourcefulness, creativity, and grit if they lack specialized business knowledge. NYMG eliminates this risk by providing its clients with advanced business strategy and implementation normally out of reach to small and mid-size companies.

Our Services:

Minimize Risk

NYMG minimizes the pressure of challenging time frames, clarifies complicated business processes, and helps clients connect to broad corporate networks.

Remove Constraints

NYMG lightens the burden of growing, funding, and maintaining a business by consulting with clients on marketing, investing, and business strategy needs.

Catalyze Growth

NYMG removes the practical constraints facing small companies and accelerates growth, leaving clients with more time to spend cultivating their product.

Get Connected

NYMG connects small companies with potential clients, investors, and corporations through targeted marketing strategies and personal introductions.