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How we’re different

There are thousands of people who offer marketing counsel to young companies. Unfortunately, while much is promised, little is usually accomplished because they rarely understand the basics of marketing.

In this case, that means packaging and positioning a company as a ‘product,’ conceptualizing its unique value, then selling it in a way that’s attention-getting yet credible.

NYMG and its team are uniquely experienced to understand and integrate this marketing process.

Your missing market cap and how it can be recovered

Your company has lost millions or tens of millions of dollars in real value — either in what you had or could have had. Of course, this isn’t unique, it happens all the time, and you have to ask yourself...

How on earth are thousands of small and micro cap companies managing to throw away billions and billions of dollars in real value?

It makes no sense when you consider that companies spend so much time and capital selling their products and services, while doing almost nothing to reach out to investors. If they did the former as poorly as they do the latter, they’d be out of business.

Meanwhile liquidity dries up and the market cap is either stagnant or dropping. What’s going on, and how can new market value be created? Well, first you THINK!

Here are some things a public company should be doing, or at least thinking about — which they rarely do.

1. Try to describe your company’s importance in a few words. What are you? Why are you unique? Focus on some great concept that anyone person can grasp in a few seconds because that’s all the time you’ll be given. Make the reader/viewer think, “WOW!” — otherwise you’re wasting your time.

2. You need some great vision, a long-term goal for your company. This is the foundation upon which everything is based. Your corporate image … marketing … PR … word-of-mouth advertising … employee team spirit … etc. Investors need HOPE, or forget it.

3. Dare to be different! “Me too” marketing gets lost in the crowd. But if you have the courage to appear unique in a positive, non-flaky way, then your image and message automatically becomes more effective.

4. Use easy-to-understand English, not techno-babble or some other jargon. Communicate clearly and logically, the way real people talk. Even better, try to be interesting, maybe a bit humorous and self-deprecating. Avoid PR-speak.

5. Talk to your shareholders on a regular basis. Bond with them. Take them into your confidence. Tell them what the company is doing. Share your dreams. And don’t treat your investors like mushrooms. (Best kept in the dark.)

6. The value of non-stop marketing applies to corporate stock, like any other product. Intelligent investors rarely buy shares based on a single piece of information. They first need to get comfortable with a company, and feel good about its prospects. Constant exposure also says your company is alive and kicking, and probably going places.

7. Greed sells, but so does fear. People are scared of the future, and any company that can that can make a strong case for decent capital gains plus future stability/survival should do well. Remember, greed + fear = powerful combination, if handled right. (Tricky. Be careful.)

8. Finally, publicly-traded stock must be forcefully SOLD or it won’t get traded. A fact sheet, press release, online presentation, etc., by themselves, have limited value. Here’s the sequence to be followed: First grab someone’s attention with a memorable message … sell/seduce him/her … then PUSH him to take action.

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