The real experts on Microcap Companies Marketing!

Microcap market, a fertile ground!

The TRUE microcap market has  historically proven to be the most fertile ground for smart and bold investors, and we can help your company to reach THEM!

NYMG provides comprehensive digital and content marketing services that maximize corporate value while saving resources and time. Our unique expertise is a blend of digital and social asset management with revenue growth advisory. Cutting-edge technology and excellent human capital give us the capability to identify, target, build and engage large audiences of potential consumers, investors and loyal stakeholders.

Through unparalleled digital asset management and audience development services, NYMG creates new value for corporate clients and increases their forward market capitalization. Social and digital media are the tools we employ in maximizing that corporate value. Merely having an online presence is not enough; to grow social and digital assets, companies need to expertly engage with key influencers, stakeholders and thought leaders.